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Heat Pumps


Here at Collins Refrigeration our highly trained team of heat pump installation specialists, based in Carlisle are available to take on any heat pump installation project throughout the Cumbria, the North West of England and South West Scotland.

With over 30 years experience we can install the ideal heat pump system in your home or property with as little disruption as humanly possible. Once installed heat pumps require little or no maintenance helping to generate consistently hot water all year round without any input required. Heat pumps can be combined with other green energy systems such as under floor heating, solar thermal panels and heat recovery ventilation to turn your property into a source of completely renewable energy.

Many homes in Cumbria and the UK are able to have a heat pumps installed and can benefit hugely from drastically reduced heating bills. Contact Collins Refrigeration today to find out if your home is suitably equipped for this superb investment.